Friday, January 28, 2011

SQL Database Recovery Using SQL Recovery Tool

Tips to resolve “Possible bad chain linkage...” Error

Allocation of MS SQL Server table data can be done either in B-tree or in heap structure. Data retrieval from a heap structure is slow as compared to retrieval from B-tree structure, which is very fast. B-tree structures minimize the navigation of your record, thereby resulting in fast retrieval of your data. B-tree structures use leaf nodes as storage components to save table records. Records saved in MS SQL Server table become inaccessible if these leaf nodes are missing, damaged, or not pointing to the correct parent node. In most of these situations, a database user encounters an error message. To overcome such error messages and to access table records, users can restore data from an updated backup. However, if no backup is available, then the user needs to opt for SQL Database Repair solutions. To elaborate the above scenario, consider a realistic situation, wherein, you encounter the below error message while trying to access table records: “Table error: Object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID. The next pointer of P_ID1 refers to page P_ID2. Neither P_ID2 nor its parent were encountered. Possible bad chain linkage.” The error message does not allow you to view records saved in the table. Note: This is a severity level 16 error message. The above error message appears when a page (P_ID2) referenced by page (P_ID1) goes missing. Such situations arise when your SQL Sever database is logically or physically damaged. To surmount the above error message, you first need to identify the exact cause of database corruption and then act accordingly. Below mentioned steps help you in identifying and repairing the SQL database corruption: * To identify a hardware problem, you need to check the system, the application, and logs of SQL Server. After the damaged hardware is detected, you will need to swap it with a new component.


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