Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to fix Error 8929 when text node gets corrupt in MS SQL Server 2000 database

In an MS SQL table, a text node is used to save the data that is stored in the rows of the records. Every text node contains a parent node and is formulated in either a B-tree or a heap format. At times, when the text node becomes damaged then you are unable to access the data in the tables. Such problems can occur due to various issues such as virus infections, hardware malfunctioning, database header corruption, etc. You should perform appropriate workarounds to repair MDF filefailing which you can try a third-partySQL repair software to repair SQL database.

Taking a practical scenario into account in which you are getting the following error message while working on an MS SQL Server 2000 database:

“Object ID O_ID: Errors found in text ID TEXT_ID owned by data record identified by RID.”


The primary cause of this problem is that there is corruption in a text node. Usually, Error 8962 and/or 8963 also appear with this error message.


To resolve this error, you should try to perform SQL recovery. This could be done using the following methods to repair SQL file, preferably in the given order:

  • Look for hardware related errors and resolve them: It has been seen that most of such errors appear due to failed hardware parts. You can carry out the following measures to address such issues:

◦ Fixing the errors that appear when you run hardware diagnostics

◦ Checking the error logs and analyzing if any of these occurred due to corruption in the hardware components

◦ Swapping the hardware components to isolate the exact cause of error

◦ Checking if write-caching is enabled in the disk. If yes, then contact your local hardware provider for the solution.

◦ Reinstalling the operating system after formatting the hard disks

  • Use the database backup: You should restore the database with its backup if it is clean and updated.
  • Run DBCC CHECKDB: You should run DBCC CHECKDB with the appropriate repair clause.

You would be able to repair MDF file using the aforementioned methods. However, if it is not so then there is a serious need to take the services of a third-party MDF file repair software. Immaculately designed user interface and the use of highly advanced scanning mechanisms are some of the best features of such.MDF repair tools.


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  3. MS SQL is most popular and widely used DBMS which stores data in the form of relations but if anyhow these text nodes gets corrupted you would get MS SQL error 8929.