Monday, August 24, 2015

Find LOB Columns Script

Sometime you want to identify the tables which could not reindex online. For this you had to scan all tables in SQL Server database and list the columns which are large objects (VarChar(MAX), NVarChar(MAX), XML, VarBinary, Text, NText, Image).
There are various method to get above information:
Method 1
SELECT * FROM Information_Schema.Columns
WHERE Table_Name IN 
    (SELECT Table_Name 
     FROM Information_Schema.Tables 
     WHERE Table_Type = 'Base Table')
AND DATA_TYPE IN ('VarChar', 'NVarChar', 'VarBinary', 'Text', 'NText', 'Image', 'XML')
AND Character_Maximum_Length = -1
ORDER BY Table_Name

Method 2
    Object_Name(C.Object_ID) AS [Object Name], 
    C.Name AS [Column Name], 
    T.Name AS [Column Type]
FROM Sys.Columns C
INNER JOIN Sys.Types T ON C.System_Type_ID = T.System_Type_ID 
WHERE C.Object_ID IN (SELECT Object_ID FROM Sys.Objects WHERE Type_Desc = 'User_Table')
AND C.max_length = -1
AND T.Name IN ('VarChar', 'NVarChar', 'VarBinary', 'Text', 'NText', 'Image', 'XML')

Monday, August 17, 2015

Unable to modify table.

I was trying to modify a table of approx 5 million records setting a field on the table to not allow null values. However, while saving changes in table, I got below error:

'Account ' table
- Unable to modify table. 
Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

After that I click ok button and I got below error:

User cancelled out of save dialog.

This error is coming because table designer have a default timeout value of 30 secs. And as I am saving a table with huge records, it is taking time more than 30 secs, so above error coming.

So the solution is to increase the timeout value of designer, (the maximum value for timeout is 65535).
Click on tools menu - Options - Expand designers. Now here change the timeout value in "Table and Database designers" on the right side.