Monday, January 17, 2011

How to fix Error 7995 in corrupt MS SQL Server 2008 database

SQL database recovery

Lot many times you face problems while using the MS SQL Server databases. These problems may, at times, disable you from using the database. Or, in worse cases the database may become totally inaccessible. These problems are the result of database corruption, which can be, of course, solved by using various recovery techniques. However, if these techniques do not prove adequate then I would suggest you to use a professional SQL database recovery software.

Let us consider a similar situation in which you are facing the following error message when using the DBCC CHECKNAME tool in MS SQL Server 2008 database:

Database 'DBNAME': consistency errors in system catalogs prevent further DBCC CHECKNAME processing.”


Such problem can occur because of the following issues:

  • The system tables are damaged.

  • The system tables are saving all the metadata of all the database objects.


To overcome such problem, you have to recover MDF file, which you can do by using the following methods. Please ensure that you perform these methods one after the another, that is, if one fails then try the next one.

  • Address the problems in hardware parts: In most cases, such problems are caused by faulty hardware components. You can address these problems by:

    • Checking the error logs and rectifying the problems.

    • Checking if write-cache is enabled on the hard disks. If yes, then contact the local hardware vendor to replace the hard disk.

    • Switching the hardware parts to see if the error is appearing again.

    • Installing the operating system again after formatting the hard disks.

  • Check the status of backup: If the hardware parts are in acceptable condition, then analyze the status of the backup. If it is up-to-date, then restore the database with the backup.

  • Run DBCC CHECKDB: If the backup is not up-to-date, then run the DBCC CHECKDB tool with the appropriate repair clause. This tool will inspect the errors to check what repair can be done for each of these.

If these methods are insufficient to recover SQL database, then also you need not worry as there are various third-party SQL database repair tools that can be used in such situations. The best thing about these tools is that they perform MDF recovery without any damage to the existing database.

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