Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to Resolve Error 7903 damaged MS SQL Server 2008?

Are you facing corruption issues when you work on the MS SQL Server 2008 database? If yes, then do not worry as lot of other users face this problem as well. There are some in-built workarounds that fix the corruption problems in the database. At times, the problem is very severe that cannot be addressed by such methods. In this scenario, lot of database recovery experts recommend to use a third-party SQL Repair software to repair MDF file.

Considering a similar situation wherein you are facing the following error message while working on an MS SQL Server 2008 database table:

Table error: The orphaned file 'FILE' was found in the Filestream directory for object ID O_ID, index ID I_ID, partition ID PN_ID, column ID C_ID.”


The primary cause of this problem is that in the FILESTREAM column directory, a FILESTREAM file does not have the respective column value in the partition.


To address this issue, you should look to repair sql database. For this purpose, you should perform the following methods in the given order:

  • Resolve the hardware related problems: There is a potent possibility that the hardware components are faulty, which is resulting in database corruption. You can take the following measures to check and resolve this:

    • Swap the hardware components to find the exact cause of corruption

    • Check the error logs to find any hardware-related error

    • Check if write-caching is enabled in the system. If yes, contact your hardware vendor to fix this problem.

    • Reinstall the operating system after formatting the hard disk.

  • Restore from backup: If the hardware components are perfectly fine, then check the database backup status. If it is clean and updated, then replace the database with the backup.

If the problem is not addressed using these aforementioned methods, then it is not a preferable situation. To overcome this problem, I would recommend to use a third-party sql recovery software to repair mdf file. The advantage of using these tools is that these possess superb user interface to help in repairing the files easily.


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