Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to rectify Error 7995 in SQL Server database

The system catalogs in SQL Server databases are used to store various types of information such as number and names of tables and views in the database among many others. This information is collectively referred as metadata. However, sometimes this metadata may get corrupt due to various reasons such as virus infections, hardware issues, power outages, etc. In such cases, you should use the in-place methods to rectify the problem. However, if you are not able to recover SQLdatabase, then you should use a third-party SQL database recovery software to do the needful.

Consider a scenario wherein you encounter the following error message while using the DBCC CHECKNAME tool on an SQL Server 2008 database:

Database 'DBNAME': consistency errors in system catalogs prevent further DBCC CHECKNAME processing.”


There could be the following causes for this error. They are:

  • The system base tables are storing the metadata for all the objects in the database.

  • The system base tables are corrupt.


To resolve this erroneous situation, you need to recover SQL database. To do this, you should either of the following methods, in the given order:

  • Look for hardware issues: You should check the hardware components and the error logs to ascertain whether the error has occurred because of hardware malfunctioning. You can also swap the hardware components to isolate on the actual problem. If nothing works out, then you can even consider reformatting the hard disks and reinstalling the operating system.

  • Restore from backup: If it is not a hardware-related issue, then you should check the backup of the database. If it is clean and updated, then you should replace the backup with the database.

  • Run DBCC CHECKDB: If the backup is not clean and updated, then you should run the DBCC CHECKDB command without any repair clause to know the level of corruption. Then, you should run it again with the suggested repair clause.

The database will be recovered using the aforementioned methods. However, there are instances when the database does not recover even after using these methods. In such cases, you should use a third-party SQL Server recoverysoftware. Such SQL recovery tools are read-only in nature that recover SQLdatabase using fast yet sophisticated scanning algorithms.


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