Thursday, February 24, 2011

How many databases can be mirrored on a single instance of Microsoft SQL Server?

We can configure 10 databases for 32-bit operating system.On a 32-bit system, database mirroring can support a maximum of about 10 databases per server instance because of the numbers of worker threads that are consumed by each database mirroring session.

For 64-Bit Operating system we can mirror more than 10 databases depending on the number of processors and worker threads. Many company has deployed more that 10 Databases as mirrored.


  1. HI Arun,

    In our company plan to mirroring totally 800 databases in 3 different servers. Each server having 3 instance along with SQL2005 standard edition and SP3 64 bit OS>

    Is it possible to mirrored all the databases in 64 bit Os?

    1. Check these link