Saturday, December 4, 2010

New DMF for SQL Server 2008 sys.dm_fts_parser to parse a string

Many times we want to split a string into an array and get a list of each word separately. The sys.dm_fts_parser function will help us in these cases. More over, this function will also differentiate the noise words and exact match words. The sys.dm_fts_parser can be also very powerful for debugging purposes. It can help you check how the word breaker and stemmer works for a given input for Full Text Search.

In SQL 2008 and forward, with Integrated Full Text Search (iFTS) we can now very easily split words in an array of strings with the help of the dynamic management function sys.dm_fts_parser. This function takes a full text query and breaks it up using the word breaker rules, applies stop lists and any configured thesaurus.

Permission Required
This requires membership of the sysadmin fixed server role and access rights to the specified stoplist.

sys.dm_fts_parser('query_string', lcid, stoplist_id, accent_sensitivity)



Query string that you want to parse. Query string can include logical operators,inflectional forms and thesaurus.


Locale identifier (LCID) of the word breaker


stoplist_id accepts the Int value only. stoplist_id is used by the word breaker identified by lcid. If we specify NULL not stoplist will be used. If we specify 0 than the system STOPLIST will be used.

Stop List will be unique in the database, you can retrieve the full text index stop list using below query.

SELECT object_name(object_id), stoplist_id FROM sys.fulltext_indexes


Accepts the Boolean value only, 0 is for Insensitive and 1 is for sensitive.


FORMSOF( THESAURUS, query_string)

You can check how the thesaurus expands or replaces all or part of the input using the below query

SELECT *  FROM sys.dm_fts_parser ('FORMSOF( THESAURUS, "Management Studio")', 2057, 0, 0) 


To check how the word breaker and the stemmer parse a query term and its stemming forms, you can execute the below query.

SELECT  * FROM sys.dm_fts_parser ('FORMSOF( INFLECTIONAL, "Operating System")', 2057, 0, 0) 


sys.dm_fts_parser('query_string', lcid, stoplist_id, accent_sensitivity)

This query will split the words in a string.

SELECT * FROM sys.dm_fts_parser ('SQL or MySQL or Oracle or DB or technologies or the or dbservers', 1033, 0, 0) 



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