Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Protect Your Microsoft SQL Server Database

When the server or database system of MSSQL Server2008 or 2005crash, it’s very difficult to recover the original data backup with MS SQL code, but its not impossible. MS SQL Server database unlike other databases such as FoxPro can copy data files; the former must have a backup strategy in order to secure data backup recovery. So take an appropriate backup & recovery operation to recover corrupted data, the data of MS SQL Server 2008 and 2005 can be safely protected.

Restore vs. Recovery

Restore and recovery are two different concepts, but in the database recovery process is also closely linked together. The difference between restore and recovery is given below:

Restore is equivalent to rebuild the part or whole of the database from a backup. It can not change the state of database, such as offline and online.

Recovery of database means it restore the database from offline to online state for users to use.

In Microsoft SQL Server database “Recovery” the database will no longer be able to operate the “Restore”.

A good backup and recovery plan for Microsoft SQL Server should cover the following steps:

1. Need data protection.

2. Daily / weekly / monthly backup plan.

3. Documented verify and the results of the test.

4. Documented the recovery process.

From Microsoft SQL Server 2005, MS SQL Server provides a lot of smart backup methods to recover damaged SQL server database. The main purpose of backup SQL Server database is to reduce the data loss, which asking for zero data loss, and need shorter interval of time to backup the data.

If you are facing data loss problem of SQL server database due to any reasons and not maintain your backup then you have to need smart third party SQL server recovery software to recover SQL database.

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