Saturday, July 23, 2011

MS SQL "connection refused" Errors and running MS SQL on a MacBook Pro

I did a fresh install of Windows with ColdFusion 7.02 and MS SQL 2000 (SP2?) under Parallels on my MacBook Pro the other day. After I had installed everything I tried to set up a DSN in ColdFusion but I kept getting "connection refused" errors, no matter what I did. I did a lot of googling to find a solution and found lots of work arounds including setting up a ODBC data-source. None of these were satisfying, I mean, you SHOULD be able to connect to a database right? That's the whole point! So that I don't do the same mistake again I thought I would blog it. The solution is actually rather simple, you just have to installMicrosoft SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3a. That totally solves the problem. (I haven't checked with upgrading to Service Pack 4 yet.) On a related note, I was able to connect to the Microsoft SQL Server running under Parallels from OS X. Pretty neat!


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