Monday, July 25, 2011

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 x64 Error: 15401

I recently came across this error within an 2008 Active Directory Environment where I attempted to add a domain user account to 2008 x64.
As you may see on the internet, the is in fact related to SID, but in my situation it was not the SSID of the user, but of the actual . The instance of 2008 x64 is running in VMWare Workstation 7 and was created by cloning another VM. This, of course, makes them identical, such that changing the computer name only results in what ‘appears’ to be disparite systems. In a workgroup this shouldn’t be an issue, but once Active Directory is introduced, it gets wacky. AD relies on SID’s, and thus, acts unpredictably when 2 machines / users / groups have the same SID. This is further exagerated when is involved, since it creates and / or stores its own SID for the user.
Here are the steps I followed to solve this issue:
  1. Remove the running from the domain. Reboot.
  2. Verify the AD Computer Account has been deleted for the system (on a domain controller).
  3. Run newSID.exe (found here) and change the SID of the running to a new random SID. Reboot.
  4. Add back to the domain and verify the account is created within AD.

Once I did all that, the user added with ease.


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