Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Useful views and stored procedures

  • sys.databases : Lists all the databases in Sql Server.
  • sys.tables : Lists all the Tables in the database.
  • sys.views : Lists all the views in the database.
  • sys.procedures : Lists all the Procedures in the database.
  • sys.triggers : Lists all the Triggers in the database.
  • sys.columns : Lists all the columns of tables in database.
  • sys.syscolumns : Lists all the columns in database including of those SP.
  • sys.key_constraints : Lists all primary key or unique constraints in database. For primary key TYPE = 'PK' and for unique keys TYPE = 'UQ'
  • sys.check_constraints : Lists all the Check Constraints in the database.
  • sys.default_constraints : Lists all the Default Constarints in the database.
  • sys.foreign_keys : Lists all the Foreign Keys in the database.
  • sys.syslogins : Lists all the login names in server.
  • sys.sql_logins : Lists all the Sql Authentication Logins in server.
  • sys.sysusers : Lists all the users in database.

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