Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Change Edit Top 200 Rows and Select Top 1000 Rows to Select/Edit All

Have you noticed the Context Menu , when you right click on the table in the SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008 .
The SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005 allows us to “Edit” or “View” the entire records in a table.
You might see the following options in the SQL Server Management Studio Express 2008 .
1. Select Top 1000 Rows
2. Edit Top 200 Rows
The idea to include this looks good for performance reasons .But what if you are a person like me who wants want to display all the records .
In SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express , you can change the default settings thats allows to edit more than the 200 rows at a time, or select more than 1000 rows
To modify the “Edit Top 200 Rows” or “Select Top 1000 Rows” setttings do the following:
1. Run the SQL Management Studio Express 2008
2. Click the Tools -> Options
3. Select SQL Server Object Explorer . Now you should be able to see the options
* Value for Edit Top Rows Command
* Value for Select Top Rows Command
4. Give the Values 0 here to select/ Edit all the Records
5. Now you should see the Edit All and Select All options on the table .

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