Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Difference between two dates in SQL Server

If you want to get the difference between two dates in SQL Server then you need to make use of DATEDIFF function. 

SET @StartDate = '2012-03-08 12:22:00.000'

Declare @EndDate DATETIME
SET @EndDate = 
'2012-03-12 11:32:00.000' 

--To get only Hours
SELECT DATEDIFF(hh, @StartDate,@EndDate ) AS [Hours];

--To get the result in Minutes
SELECT CAST(DATEDIFF(ss, @StartDate, @EndDate) AS DECIMAL(10, 0)) / 60 AS [Minutes];

--To get both Hours and Minutes
SELECT DATEDIFF(hh, @StartDate, @EndDate) AS [Hours],
DATEDIFF(mi,DATEADD(hh,DATEDIFF(hh, @StartDate, @EndDate),@StartDate),@EndDate) AS [Minutes]; 

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