Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Incremental Backup

An Incremental Backup is nothing but a Differential Backup.  In sql server if anything modified after taking the full backup it will be recorded in page as 1(indication symbol) in differential change map(DCM). Those ones are never changed until u take the full backup again. So last differential backup enough for restore because it's having the all the increments since the last full backup.

An incremental backup contains all the changes since the last incremental backup. Incremental backups are additive - you have to restore all of them to get back to where you started. SQL Server does not support true incremental backups (I mean just pages which have changed since the last incremental). Incremental (transaction) backup is good up to the last incremental or full backup. 

Process to do a Differential Backup..

1. Right click on you DB in SSMS
2. click on "Tasks" then -> "Backup"
3. In the Backup Type select 1) Full or 2)Differential.
4. Configure all other settings like file location etc....

You can also do this in SSIS using a Backup Database Task Step.

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