Monday, March 7, 2011

Resolving “Internal error. Buffer provided to read..” MS SQL Server Error

Microsoft SQL Server enables you to create tables for short term uses. Such tables are known as Temporary Tables that are usable only for a particular session. MS SQL Server supports two types of temporary tables- Global temporary table and Local temporary table. However, under some situations, you may encounter database corruption errors while running queries on the temporary tables. The corrupt SQL Server database (MDF or Master Database File) can not be accessed by any means and leads to serious data loss situations. In order to overcome such cases, you need to repair MDF file using appropriate tools.

As a practical example of this problem with Microsoft SQL Server, you may encounter the below error message when you run any query on MDF file that references temporary table in MS SQL Server 2005:

“Internal error. Buffer provided to read column value is too small. Run DBCC CHECKDB to check for any corruption.”

The process fails with the above error message. In case you run DBCC CHECKDB SQL statement on your problem MDF file, the database integrity and consistency check process completes successfully without reporting any error.

The database is still inaccessible and you get the same error every time you try to access the database. In order to access your precious data in MDF file, you needto identify the root of this behavior and repair MDF database by fixing it.

Grounds of the problem:

You may come across this problem due to any of the below reasons:

  • The temporary SQL Server database tables are cached in Microsoft SQL Server 2005. If table schema is not changed, the temporary tables can be reused. But, if cached temporary database table is reused incorrectly, this problem occurs.

  • The MDF file is corrupt.


Go through the following MDF repair steps to resolve this problem:

  • Install updates for Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

  • Download and install hotfixes from Microsoft's website to work around this behavior.

If both the above methods fail to sort out your problem, you are need to opt forMDF file repair software to repair and restore corrupt MDF file. The applications are incorporated with highly-effective and advanced scanning techniques to ensure absolute recovery of inaccessible MDF file objects.


  1. SQL databases can be repaired due to sql database repair. The utility restores mdf files after power failures, viruses, malicious software. It can show the results of repairing as a table list. Program works under Windows 98 and higher.

  2. Hello Arun,

    Yes you are right!! Many times DBCC CHECKDB does not report any error message. So user get confused what is main cause of the error message. Until you got any reporting message through DBCC CHECKDB command, you cannot easily resolve error by SQL Server DBCC CHECKDB inbuilt utility. SQL Server Recovery Software is very helpful in this case. The software has neither need of backup nor any reporting error message. it scan whole database by its own way & easily recover corrupt data.